The history of Pole Dance

Pole Dance is the result of the evolution of exercises that were practised centuries ago. In the XIIth Century Pole Dance was defined as a fertility dance.

250 years ago Mallakhamb was formalised as a discipline. Mallkhamb is a form of yoga that is practised on a wooden pipe or on a rope; mainly in India. Another discipline that is associated with what is now known as Pole Dance is Mallastambha (fundaments of gymnastics), which used an iron pipe. The warriors at the time exercised in this way.

More recently, in the 80’s, the Chinese Pole emerged. In this discipline acrobats scale high metal tubes, then slide down them and maintain postures that require a great deal of strength and agility. Some of the acrobatics in Chinese Pole have been incorporated in Pole Dancing...

Past disciplines have provided the origins of Pole Dance and have been a great influence for defining the techniques of the discipline. Pole Dance currently enjoys an international presence through demonstrations, workshops, certifications and contests.

historia del pole dance
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