Pole dance theater

Pole dance teatro clases, actividades y talleres, acrobacia, baile

Pole dance theater classes, activities and workshops, acrobatics, dancing

Academy GYRA, Angy Girón. Professor of dramatic art, we can help you build and build your theatrical project.


Company dedicated to the theatrical dance pole training combined with Chinese stick, infanti theater workshops. Workshop of interpretation, workshop of corporal expression. Acrobatic theater workshop.

  • Chinese stick theater acrobatics and performance
  • Theatrical Games Workshop. This workshop is based on simple tasks that seek to deepen the knowledge of the body and the perception of movement. These are easy enough for those who do not have previous experience in dance but also allow those who are interested in expanding their search for their own original movement to go further.
  • WORKSHOP OF ACTION: THE CREATIVE BODY. The objective of the workshop is to work on the deconstruction of bodily vices, the perception of active relaxation of muscles and enhance the creation of expressiveness in the actor's body. All of the above from training methods.
  • interpretation classes and MONOLOGORS.

  • Chinese theater and interpretation workshop.
  • dance workshop and monologues
  • workshop such as losing fear, concentration of attention
  • workshop to groups, preparation of actors for casting, television and theatrical events
  • theater workshop for children.

The Pole Dance Theater, this mode combines dance with Chinese stick and the performing arts. It consists of the representation or performance giving and showing a story in front of the public. In this case gestures, mime, dance, music and other elements belonging to other performing arts and is not limited. We find theater in the ancient civilizations of Asia, China, Japan and India.

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