Pole Dance Chair Workshop

Dance in chair is a new discipline of sensual fitness that combines and at the same time gains balance control of body strength and endurance

Showing sensuality and gaining a high self-esteem, with many possibilities of burning calories, toning the body while you can strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular health.

The Pole Dance chair can be a very complete exercise because apart from being dancing, making different positions on the chair and the bar being able to go down and climb it constantly makes it very dynamic and different.

Limitations do not exist when there is desire. There are no contraindications in women.

This class will not only achieve all the femininity that is in you, but regardless of your knowledge of dance, you will get work on legs, glutes and arms with excellent results.

If you feel like exploiting your more sensual side, if you want to surprise him or just want to keep fit in an entertaining way, the kind of chair can be a good alternative.

It is considered a cardiovascular activity. "

Discover your sensual side.

Class in heels and loose hair totally made to take out the sensual side that we have inside. Pole dance techniques are seen, pole and floor transitions. Since the warm up we are dancing.

Ideal for students who are interested in the sexy part of the pole and for all levels, preferably with notion of pole dance. You do not see anything acrobatic or anything of conditioning, it is an ideal class for beginners.

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