You’ve never done sports before? 

Of course you can do it. We will evaluate your strength and physical capabilities and, with our techniques and basic exercises you will progressively gain resistance. With our help you will evolve. There are people who were sedentary and, thanks to pole dancing and our activities they now lead a more active life.

Are you overweight and thinking that you can’t do it?

Of course you can train. This is not a sport that requires a certain type of body. Anyone can do it, you just need the will. THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT for pole dancing.

Are you carrying an injury?

Check with your doctor and with ourselves before starting to train. We start all classes with gentle warm-ups and with strength and technique exercises. Then we begin with the assigned programme.

What to wear?

  • Sports shoes / trainers
  • Long socks
  • High-heels (depending on the student)

For the Chinese Pole classes

  • Long lycra slacks
  • T-shirt and flat trainers with rubber soles

For the smooth metal bar we need shorts and a short-sleeved T-shirt or top, as we use our skin for this bar. The skin must be clean and dry. On class days do not use either creams or oils during training sessions.

  • For both bars, bring alcohol, a small towel and magnesium.
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