Afro Yoga

Level I

At this level students are taught the basic concepts and foundation of an Afro flow yoga class and methodology, where the body recognizes sounds, moves, learns technique of tension and concentration. With traditional rhythms composed by the teacher. Students will learn various disciplines in the field of dance, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises. At this level you learn to talk and connect with music and drums. Objective self-control of the body.

Level II

You will be taught to stimulate your body through rhythms and the brain, this exercise will test your fears and you will move forward with advanced acrobatics. And with great inspirations to pass the III and last level.

Level III

Creation and stimulation of exercise of the first two, surpassing a high level of capacity and performance.

you can apply for students to become certified instructors. Students will be required to teach.and then can test for certification with the Academy's approval.

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